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Chip tuning how does it work exactly?

Both the diesel and the petrol auxiliary control unit increase the amount of fuel and use the vehicle's serial excess air. The vehicle's data is processed in real time using a microprocessor. All the original properties of the vehicle are retained and are not impaired, thus ensuring the highest level of stability and safety.

The vehicle dynamics are increased, thereby reducing fuel consumption. The factory reserves are used and increase the total vehicle performance by up to 30%.

More power also means up to 15% less fuel consumption. Increased torque up to 30% causes reduced gearshifts and a lower accelerator pedal position, so you can use the tuning optimally and benefit directly from less fuel consumption. Furthermore, you reduce the fuel consumption of your vehicle by up to 15% and thereby save up to € 300 a year and at the same time make a contribution to our environment!

The diesel and petrol auxiliary control units are connected to the engine control using a cable harness. Original manufacturer plugs ensure safe installation. There is no intervention in the original control device. The control unit in your vehicle calculates all necessary data such as injection, boost pressure etc. in your vehicle.

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