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Spritsparen Chiptuning

In 2005 the foundation stone was laid for the ÖKO Tuning project.

The requirements were clear. Engine software and an additional control unit should be developed which guarantee a significant reduction in consumption with the same or better performance of the engine. The exhaust gas values ​​should be adhered to, the pollutant emissions reduced and the longevity of the engine should remain.

Many tests had to be done. Long-term studies on the behavior of the engines, measurements on dynamometers, tests in exhaust gas laboratories and analyzes of the fuels were just a few processes that were carried out with many different vehicles and engines. So petrol engines were tested as well as diesel engines, trucks (trucks) as well as small cars (cars). Up to the Audi RS6 sports car, the tests, studies and trial runs were repeated.

In cooperation with a well-known forwarding agency, vehicles were double-blinded with the
ECO tuning equipped. The results were astounding. We had already achieved the ambitious goals in our first attempts. However, in order to be able to market a marketable and error-free product in the long term, the stability of the motors in everyday operation was tested for months.
These tests and the resulting results form the basis for today's product.
We only use first-class components in the production of our products, which is why we grant a free guarantee on our additional control units and our software optimizations of 24 months if used and installed correctly.


The Panthera Automotive fuel saving guarantee!



... and you drive away from the competitor.

Kraftstoffsparen Chiptuning
Up to 1L per 100km less consumption
Chiptuning Eco Modus Fuelsafe

When is it worth using ÖKO Tuning for me?


The savings potential is in the range up to approx. 

minus 20%. In the test vehicles, savings in the third mix of 14% - 22% were achieved. This results in a mileage of approx. 20,000 km, from which the investment has paid for itself at current fuel prices. If fuel prices rise, the threshold from which the investment pays off drops significantly.

If you assume that you drive a car for 4 years and drive approx. 20,000 kilometers a year, then everyone can see what potential savings are possible here.

We calculated the case using a Mercedes E-Class 200 CDI.
With a fuel price of € 1.10 / liter of diesel, after 100,000 km you will save around € 1,760 with an investment of € 699 or less.

To give the customer an additional security, we grant a 3-year warranty on our product.


Your partner for fuel optimization

And it goes on!

Here at Panthera we can rely on a strong team of specialists and generalists. We have motors - developers, process and quality managers in our ranks, as well as designers or industrial engineers. All just to deliver the optimal product to our customers.

The demands on our development team have increased over the years. New engine technologies, an abundance of electronic helpers, EU emissions standards, changed fuel mixtures and, last but not least, the government's tax policy are factors that have to be reconciled. We have to keep up with the development departments of AUDI, BMW, Bosch, Siemens, Mercedes and VW (to name just a few). We are just as pioneers as the manufacturers themselves, but with an additional burden. Our products have to be so extremely reliable that we even have to eradicate errors in series programming. Otherwise manufacturing errors would fall back on us without authorization.

Every external viewer can now quickly recognize the enormous effort behind a serious and optimal ECO tuning or CHIP tuning. Cheap - providers can not give this security. These providers often patch around in the data status quickly and without knowledge of the engine until, for some reason, the engine becomes faster. Very risky if you consider that the engine is at the heart of an automobile and that a defect results in high costs.