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All sounds were recorded from real cars on a

high-end acoustic test bench

4 cylinder Boxer - sounds like Toyota GT86
00:00 / 00:32
R6 Turbo -  sounds like BMW M4
00:00 / 00:29
V6 Turbo - sounds like Nissan GT-R 35
00:00 / 00:31
V8 Muscle - sounds like Ford Shelby GT500
00:00 / 02:17
V8 Turbo - sounds like Mercedes AMG C63
00:00 / 00:33
V12 - sounds like Aston Martin Vanquish
00:00 / 00:22
V8 SUV - Leo V8 Sound
00:00 / 00:11
V10 SUV - Leo Magna Sound
00:00 / 00:17
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The Panthera Leo Active sound generator queries all data relevant to sound generation from the vehicle's engine control unit in real time via an OBD-II adapter. The adapter transmits this data wirelessly via Bluetooth to our control unit with an integrated audio amplifier called the Active Sound Cube. In its latest version 4.0, the Cube has a complex audio engine which is able to reproduce real recorded engine / exhaust noise.

If desired, additional effects such as “Realistic Mode”, an accelerator pedal or load-dependent volume and simulated “misfires” can be activated.

ASC Set.jpg


Thanks to our OBD solution, assembly is quick and easy. The loudspeaker of the Active Sound System can be installed in the vehicle as well as outdoors as desired.

Up to four speakers can be installed if required.

Power is supplied via ignition plus and permanent plus via the supplied adapter (plug and play) on the vehicle fuse box.

Then the OBD-II adapter is plugged into the vehicle. The system does the rest wirelessly.

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The Leo Active Sound System is delivered preconfigured with standard settings and is therefore ready to use.

For an individual sound experience, we recommend setting up with the Panthera Connect 4.0 app.

Here you can customize 8 different sound profiles and select the sound files.

Volume, speed, idle gas, misfires - everything can be set easily and clearly with the Panthera Connect 4.0 app.

In addition, you always stay up to date and are kept up to date with updates. Updates are simply installed via the app.

panthera conect app design.png
Panthera Leo Active Soundgenerator Tuning


The Leo sound generator is a wireless-data-transmission
Active Sound System which transmits the relevant data by radio.

• Easier assembly

• No soldering required on the CAN bus in the vehicle

• No changes to the original vehicle electronics

• No warranty issues

• No loss of warranty

• Can be retrofitted without changing the vehicle

• Configurable via smartphone app

• misfires (customizable)

• Real mode / accelerator pedal or load-dependent volume

• Including radio remote control

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Would you like to give your vehicle more emotion, but your standard exhaust system does not produce the sound you want?

Do you drive an electric or hybrid vehicle and may not have any driving noise at all?

With the Panthera Connect smartphone app you can configure the Leo Active Sound System according to your wishes.

You can set the volume, the sound, the speed, assign sound profiles and activate effects.

The system can then be conveniently controlled using a radio remote control. Additional switches and their installation are thus superfluous. You can operate the system with one or more speakers to enhance the sound experience

for your vehicle even further.

Original Abgasanlage
Soundgenerator Einbau Ausbau
Softwareupdates Soundgenerator
The advantages
V8 Motorsound Geräuscherzeugung Geräuscherzeugung



Motorsound Drehzahlabhängig

Sound follows the engine speed in

real time

Klangprofile Soundprofile Soundgenerator

Various sound profiles pre-installed

Funkfernbedienung Auspuffsound

Including remote control and smartphone app

Soundgenerator Tempomat Steuerung

Can also be operated optionally via vehicle buttons

Exhaust system

stays unchanged

Removal / installation possible when changing vehicles


Updates possible


Active Sound set with app control

and everything you need for installation.


Expand your vehicle with our

Panthera Leo Active Sound Generator

and enjoy the Panthera Leo sound-experience.

You determine the volume, the sound and switch the system on and off as you wish. With the Panthera Connect 3.0 smartphone app you can configure the Leo Active Sound System according to your wishes.

In addition, the system can be controlled using the supplied remote control. This eliminates the need for additional switches and their installation, you do not have to make any compromises.

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