Panthera Tigris Chiptuning Power Box Wal

Up to + 20 %

more power

from 299, - EUR

Up to + 25 %

more power

from 499, - EUR

Up to + 30 %

more efficient

from 699,- EUR



Our offer ranges from chip tuning, ecotuning and software optimization (ECU remapping) for diesel vehicles, petrol engines, trucks. We produce the Chiptuning Box for many well-known tuners, also called Tuningbox or Powerbox. Since 2003, we have been one of the first to produce additional control units for gasoline vehicles. Motortuning and chip tuning are gaining in popularity. So beware, because not all low-cost providers understand what they sell and have the necessary know-how. Most tuning and chiptuning boxes look the same, but it depends on which hardware and software is used. Here, the litter of wheat or the quality of the low-cost product separates. At Panthera Automotive, our Chiptuning and Motortuning products are exclusively high quality. Therefore we are not afraid of a test and offer you a 14-day money-back guarantee on our Chiptuning Box and Ökotuning Box.

Mehr PS mehr NM mit Chiptuning von Panthera


Up to 20% - 30% MORE POWER
For example
Audi A6 3.0 TDI-V6
272 HP / 580 NM

+41 HP

Panthera Tigris


+80 NM

Panthera Tigris


Result with Tigris Power Box
313 PS / 660 NM


en_mobile_product_tigris_ptr – 1.png

up to 25% more power for all engines with turbocharger

Our chip-tuning box Panthera Tigris is adapted with original plugs to the injection and / or MAP system by plug & play. All relevant engine data is processed and forwarded in real time by a microprocessor. All protective functions of the motor are retained and are not affected. This guarantees the highest possible security. Unlike other manufacturers, we do not go to the limits of what is possible, but what makes sense. Trouble-free restoration to its original condition is possible at any time without a trace. Thanks to our manufacturer quality, we can guarantee absolute driving safety!

The advantages
Bis zu 30% mehr Leistung mit Chiptuning von Panthera

Up to 30%

more power

Kraftstoffsparen Spritsparen mit der Panthera Tigris Power Box

Up to 15%

fuel saving

Chiptuning Software

Tuning software perfectly tailored to your vehicle

Chiptuning Motorschutz Software

Engine protection

"Protect +"

Chiptuning Wasserdicht


Housing - IP6K6K

Chiptuning Motorgarantie

Engine guarantee


Chiptuning ohne Motorsteuergerät
Chiptuning ideal mit Gaspedaltuning

No intervention in the engine control unit is therefore undetectable

Ideal with Pardus

Power pedal

Up to 30% more power

The same advantages as our Tigris Power Box Classic. In addition, with more power yield, better fine adjustment of the settings and including "wireless Connect App Control". Control the performance with the Panthera Connect Smartphone App according to your wishes and suitable for the respective driving situation. Different driving profiles perfectly matched to your engine, a demo mode and a motor safe mode give a completely new feeling with our Power Box.

All Plug & Play

en_mobile_product_tigris_ptr_app – 1.png


Motorgarantie von Panthera
Motorgarantie inklusive bei Chiptuning mit Panthera
  • for engine, drive train, gearbox and more ✓

  • from installation up to 24 months ✓

  • up to 100,000 km mileage ✓

  • up to 5 years of age

  • Connection guarantee possible ✓

For every PANTHERA TIGRIS PTR POWER BOX (additional control unit), software optimization and ECO tuning, you can optionally receive a warranty of up to 24 months on the engine, transmission and drive train. If you would like to extend this protection, we also offer you a Europe-wide guarantee with 24-hour breakdown service, especially for tuning vehicles. In the event of damage, the warranty covers not only the repair costs but also the necessary towing and accommodation costs,

as well as the costs for a rental car.
The guarantee is valid up to 24 months from the conclusion of the contract.

Panthera Automotive Chiptuning



The chip (Eprom or Eeprom) from your engine control unit is read out with the appropriate hardware and software. Based on the original vehicle data and taking into account individual customer requests (V-Max suspension, performance curve, etc.), the tuning is then set up. The modified and checked data record is then transferred to the chip in the engine control unit and the increase in performance is available. The standard data set is archived so that it can be restored to its original state at any time.

Panthera Tigris Software Optimierung Chiptuning

For turbo engines

  • Your vehicle receives greatly improved driving dynamics and engine performance

  • Up to 30% increase in performance - Up to 25% more torque - Save up to 15% fuel

  • individual adjustment of the motor data

  • the monitoring functions are retained

  • overtaking becomes safer

For naturally aspirated engines

  • Up to 8% -15% increase in performance

  • better vehicle dynamics

  • individual adjustment of the motor data

  • the monitoring functions are also retained

Mehr Leistung mit Softwareoptimierungen von Panthera

Up to 30%

more efficient

Spritsparen mit Softwareoptimierung

Up to 15%

Saving fuel

V-Max Aufhebung und Leistungssteigerung in einem

including V-Max delimiter

Leistungssteigerung Softwareoptimierung Backup

original software


Chiptuning Installation
Tigris Power Box Chiptuning Gehäuse
  • State-of-the-art microprocessor technology (Silabs, Microchip and Atmel processors)

  • Intelligent self-adapting software

  • Motor protection "Protect +"

  • Motor guarantee

  • Map adjustment in real time

  • Waterproof housing DIN 40 050 = IP6K6K

  • Up to 30% increase in power

  • Up to 30% more torque

  • Up to 15% fuel savings

  • Up to 12 channels

  • Original plug connections

  • 3 x hex coding switches with 16 adjustment levels each

  • Fully digital technology

  • No intervention in the original engine control unit

  • Emergency running and engine protection programs are retained

  • A large number of quality certificates from independent test centers guarantee our product standard

  • Ideal in conjunction with our Panthera Pardus tuning

Panthera Automotive Premium Qualität


Robust glass fiber reinforced plastic housing for the greatest possible durability. Heat resistant and waterproof

according to DIN 40 050 = IP6K6K. This further increases the quality and lifespan.